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Poker Online - Online casino game

With the explosion of online poker, there has been an explosion of new online poker sites. There is no shortage of sites where you can deposit and begin playing within minutes. A change of scenery is never a bad thing, unless you live in Hawaii or Las Vegas. You may find yourself a site that you actually like better than your home site or the one you love to play at.

Each site has it’s own feel, with different speeds to games, different avatars, and a different look and overall feel. Sometimes the table backgrounds are even changeable where you can choose the look of the table that fits your preference.

More importantly, though, you will be playing against different players. When playing at the same site for a long time, other players, at least ones that pay attention, record notes and hand histories about you. They will know what you hold, how you play certain hands and will play solid against you. This will slow your bankroll building.

Online poker room

The online poker room is everywhere and along with it a powerful attraction. For someone who enjoys poker but does not want to leave the comforts of home, the online poker room is a great alternative. No more long drives, smoke-filled rooms, or annoying gabbers at the tables.

Not every online poker room is the same. One doesn't need to look far to be able to distinguish quality however. Look for an online poker room that looks well established, has a clean and professional look and is easy to navigate. There is a lot of competition on the web and this can at times be a great benefit. The online poker room you choose should offer a competitive bonus and it is not uncommon for the quality sites to offer Freerolls to new clients.

A good poker player doesn't wait around for good things to happen to him. He goes out there and makes things happen. He doesn't leave opponents confused, he manipulates them and makes them know what they have to do, to generate value.

In order to be able to manipulate the opposition though, one needs to make certain reads. While in live poker, reading the opposition is relatively easy, in online poker there are far fewer tells you can use for this purpose.

One of the best and most reasonable tells you'll ever get in online poker, will come from your opponents' betting patterns. Learn to read those, and you'll secure yourself an edge few will be able to top.